Top Deep Core and Pelvic Floor Exercises for a Strong Lower Belly and Glutes – A Must-Do Workout for Postpartum Moms


When it comes to getting back in shape after having a baby, every postpartum mom knows the struggle is real. From dealing with a weakened core to trying to tone those glutes, it can be challenging to find exercises that target all the right areas. Luckily, Anastasia Vlassov, a fitness guru, has created an amazing video that covers the top deep core and pelvic floor exercises for a strong lower belly and glutes. In this review, I will share my thoughts on this must-do workout for postpartum moms.

Heading 1: I Better Listen to the Little Lady Trying to Hold Me Back

When I first started watching Anastasia Vlassov’s video, I was immediately captivated by her energy and enthusiasm. She radiates positivity, making it impossible not to feel motivated to join in on the workout. As a postpartum mom myself, I often let self-doubt creep in, but Anastasia’s encouraging words reminded me that I am capable of anything I put my mind to.

Heading 2: I Turn into an “R” and Now We Have to Fight

As the video progresses, Anastasia guides viewers through a series of exercises that target the deep core and pelvic floor muscles. She explains the importance of activating these muscles, not only for a strong lower belly but also for better overall posture and stability. I appreciate how Anastasia breaks down each exercise, providing clear instructions on proper form and modification options for those with different fitness levels.

Heading 3: I Have to Put Something Straight through Her

Anastasia Vlassov’s video includes a variety of exercises that engage the lower abdominal muscles and glutes. She incorporates movements like bridges, planks, and squats, all aimed at increasing strength and stability in these areas. The workout is challenging yet manageable, allowing moms to progressively improve their fitness without feeling overwhelmed.

To summarize the top deep core and pelvic floor exercises from Anastasia’s video:

  • Bridges: Engages the glutes and lower abdominal muscles.
  • Planks: Strengthens the core and improves stability.
  • Squats: Targets the glutes, lower belly, and thighs.

By incorporating these exercises into a regular workout routine, postpartum moms can regain their strength and confidence in no time.

In conclusion, Anastasia Vlassov’s video on top deep core and pelvic floor exercises is a game-changer for postpartum moms. Her positive energy, clear instructions, and effective workout routine make it a must-do for anyone looking to strengthen their lower belly and glutes. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your workout mat, put on the video, and let Anastasia guide you towards a stronger and more confident you!

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