GLUTE WORKOUT KB Only (plus full body fat burning exercises included)

GLUTE WORKOUT KB Only (plus full body fat burning exercises included)

Who doesn’t want more bootygainz 🍑?!!!? If you said no well watch the video and listen why everyone needs more booty!!

The Cool thing about this workout though is you end up getting a full body fat burning affect as well!

Head to toe MOBILITY using a kettlebell

If you need modifications that aren’t in this video please reach out!!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Be safe, enjoy, and let me know how you end up moving better feeling better and living better!!


While everyone is different and at different points in their journey I find activation and mobility to be common themes. If you aren’t sure if this is you or where to begin or need to break plateaus click that link below!!! Trust me it’ll improve your LIFE!!

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The workout!

4-6 rounds

Hip Thrust to Single Arm Chest Press 8-12 each h side
Dead Story Swing to Squat Clean
Transverse Lunge Clean to Squat Press

To get recommended equipment go here:

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Facebook: @flexxmp

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