DO THIS to Grow ROUND BOOTY & WIDER HIPS – Intense Glute Max & Med Workout with Band, At Home

Foreign [Music] And pontificate on life [Music] Under the city lights wherever the wind Go take us if it's good we make it Contagious Lights [Music] Wherever the wind gonna take us and it's Good we make it contagious Laying on black sand beaches thinking of What life teaches so glad and fall from The deepest that we vibing even when the Days feel low face gonna have that glow Already moving where they ain't think I Go never show your hand no fool keep That poker face shining keep that Hope And Faith and face the fire ain't no Trace of hate that you can find if you Say I'm hating then you lie lie lie put Your hand on the Bible won't you try and Say that again again probably grab it I'll probably map it gotta Alibi old Friend friend [Music] Of God with the juicy phase average [Music] Under the city lights [Music] Under the city lights wherever the wind Gonna take us if it's good we make it Contagious every time Laying on black sand beaches thinking of

What light teaches so glad it fall for The deepest and Reviving and thinking About them things my Mama Told Me Courageous heart is pumping hard got Cold feet [Music] [Music] Real life Can't be complacent oh complicit life's Complicated enough the destination is us Why don't you blow like we're numb [Music] City Lights [Music] We vibing Under the city lights [Music] [Music] I'm just fine kissing in your backseat Call you mine listening to your sleep Think I might need you more than I Thought If I'm gonna be abandoned over backwards [Music] But you played your way through all my Games [Music] [Music] Listen to me [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] Even though I know you'd never ask me to I'd bend over backwards for you [Music] Pull up pull up on me we've got so much [Music] If You Wanna Live [Music] Foreign [Music] Yeah You could be somebody [Music] Be somebody tonight [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Give me hypnotize [Music] Hit the Run yeah [Music] [Music] Her eyes you prove that there's much More to life than lies give me hypnotize [Music] [Music] Thank you [ __ ] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] That's too young Cutting myself [Music] [Music] Around the block no I can't keep for me Call me I should live I see the bigger Picture and it's way bigger than me Back on our feet [Music] Coming back [Music] Y'all coming back home yeah I'm coming Back Cause I'm coming back home Thank you Foreign [Music]