CarboFix Review – Blood Sugar / Weight Loss Supplement with Berberine, cinnamon, Alpha lipoic acid

CarboFix Review – Blood Sugar

All right what is going on guys Seth here back again with another product review. Today in this video I’m gonna be doing a review on this CarboFix all right now this is a blood sugar regulator basically just has all the ingredients that have been proven to increase your blood glucose response to a to a meal which is really important. You want to make sure that when you are eating that you know that food that glucose is being deposited in some muscle tissue. Not being stored as fat. If you want to do that there’s actually a lot of ingredients and there but there’s different things that you can take they have been shown to really enhance uh the absorption of carbohydrates into your muscle tissue. That you can actually you know make sure that you’re not putting on fat and you’re putting on muscle. This actually reminded me a lot of kiolean which is ben Greenfield’s company. He had a formulation had bitter melon extracts I believe it was chromium along with some other things but the ingredients there a lot of them are almost have been shown to be as almost effective as metformin for regulating blood sugar.I really want to get one of those cgms or continuous glucose monitors where you can actually see the fluctuations in your glucose throughout the day and just kind of see the ebbs and flows. Depending on the different foods you eat maybe seeing what foods spike it more than others I’m definitely going to be doing that soon. Make sure you stay tuned for that but with that being said in CarbotFix supplement has berberine chromium picolinate cinnamon alpha lipoic acid and then a few other ones that I’m not really all that familiar with, but those three right there. Cinnamon which I used to actually take on all my meals I ran out and sometimes I forget, but that’s one thing that has really been shown to lower glucose. Then also alpha lipoic acid is really effective as well. I used to actually take those separately along with the berberine. It says eat carbs guilt free, I mean carbs are definitely good they lower shbg levels to decrease cortisol and so forth. You don’t want to be avoiding carbs you want to be consuming them. You just want to make sure that when you are consuming the food is going to the right places. Pick up your Carbofix today and let me know what your results are.

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