8 Minute Booty Workout Challenge | DAY 10 LEVEL 3 | Kae’s body journey

Hello everyone 🙂

Booty project is my new challenge for you guys!!
It’s about butt and hip workout challenge. I will upload this project 4 clips every week.
The length of clips is 8 minutes with 8 exercises.

Why glutes are so important to me ?

There is no doubt that training your glutes can give you a bigger butt, but there are more advantages of working out the glutes.

– Training glutes can really sculpt and tone the bottom.
– Strong glutes can decreased risk of falls.
– Strong glutes stabilise the hip during exercises.
– Glutes are responsible for changing directions, accelerating and decelerating
– Strong glutes can help to prevent knee pain and low back pain

Just 8 minutes of butt exercise. You can do it in the morning or after work 🙂
I hope this clip is useful for you guys ! ^^

#bootyworkout #buttworkout #gluteworkout

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