15 MIN TOTAL CORE/AB WORKOUT (At Home No Equipment)

Hey guys, welcome to this awesome 15 MIN TOTAL CORE/AB WORKOUT (At Home No Equipment) ❤

This 15 min ABS WORKOUT is going to set your abs on fire (in a good way😁) We are getting a total abs and core workout today, targeting the obliques, lower abs, upper abs and core, all in 15 min! This workout is really going to help you to get that strong core and toned ab muscles! Do this workout at home, no equipment needed!

Give this workout a try and let me know how you felt!

The structure for this workout:
– 7 exercises (45s ON, 15s OFF)
– x2 SETS
– 45s rest between sets

Remember this is your workout, we are all different and it’s important for you to have fun while working out. We want to make this a lifestyle and the only way to succeed is to enjoy what you are doing. If you need to stop and take a longer break, just pause the video. This is a no judgement zone ok!

If you enjoy this workout, I would love for you to join the family. Please subscribe to my channel to see all my new videos posted!

Enjoy your workout! Till next time…see ya!❤

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